Sword in two hands - Wide play

Sword in two hands – Counter to the 16th scholar of the 2nd master – Wide play

Folio 27 v. b


This is the counter to the play that comes before me, namely the ‘False Thrust’ or ‘Short Thrust’. And it is done in this way. When the scholar strikes my sword, in the turn he gives his sword, I immediately turn mine the same way that he turns his except that I step across to find the players openings, and then I put a thrust in his face. And this counter is good with armour and without.


Your opponent is making the false thrust against you. After they made an obvious horizontal cut to your left hand side, you have blocked it, only to have them spin their sword around to your right side as the 16th scholar. From here, they will grab the sword in the middle and attempt to stab you with it.

As they spin their sword, release you left hand. Drop the point and tilt your sword slightly to the right. This will cause their sword to spin over the top of it, and their left hand to come on the inside. You want the blade to gently rest on their left wrist as they grab their own blade. At the same time that your opponents sword spins into place, step through with your left foot. This will move you off the line of their attack and in quite close.

Ensure that as your foot lands, your reach over your opponents blade to grab your own. This is the point shown. Keep the momentum of your movement going to drive the point forward into their face.

This technique relies  more on flow and timing than anything else. It is a smooth, soft motion, and after blocking their initial cut, you should not clash with your opponent at all. To make this flow smoothly, you need to match the timing and movement of your opponent. An alternative ending would be instead of grabbing your own sword blade as shown, you could grab your opponents left hand instead, deflecting it down and to your right. The advantage of this is that it would give you a larger hole to make your counter thrust through. The payoff would be that making the final thrust with a single hand would reduce your point control.

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