Always do these five things

The dangerous knife


Doubt yourself when against anyone with the dangerous knife. The arms, the hands and the elbows must immediately go against it. And to do this, always do these five things. Take the dagger, strike, break the arms, bind them, and put him on the ground. These five plays will not abandon one another. You will know the defence if you look at the person.


The most unlikely looking people are capable of delivering serious injury with a knife. Even quite shallow penetrating attacks can cause critical damage to organs or arteries. Regardless of who is wielding it, you must take them as a serious threat.

Fiore’s defence runs to a basic pattern. This theme is a constant throughout all sections of armizare, and understanding it is essential to understanding Fiore’s fighting style.

There are five things you must do.

  • Strip, immobilise, or otherwise neutralise the dagger.
  • Strike your opponent.
  • Attack an arm joint.
  • Apply a lock.
  • Throw your opponent to the ground to finish them.

Although they tend to, the steps do not have to follow in that particular order. Any step can lead on to any other dependant on circumstances. They do not abandon one another.

By observing the attacker and assessing the situation, the most appropriate action will reveal itself.

Folio 10 r

Take the dagger

Folio 10 r. a


Because I carry the dagger in my right hand, I show my art. It is well deserved, because for anyone that will draw a dagger against me, I will take it from your hand. And with that I will hurt you well, because after weighing all the pros and cons, I will finish you totally.

Break the arms

Folio 10 r. b


The broken arms I carry tell my art. I say without a lie that I have broken and dislocated many arms in my life. And against any who choose to go against me, I always want to use my art.

Locks and binds

Foilio 10 r c


I am the master of unlocking and also locking the arms of those who go against me. I will put you in great trouble and can depend on the way my binds and breaks work. And I take the key to show that I am worthy of such art.


Folio 10 r. d


You ask me how I put this man under my feet. Thousands have gone there, trying to match my art of grappling. For my victory I carry the palm in the right hand, because none can withstand my grappling skills.